The Department of Accounting and Finance Management
The Department of Accounting and Finance Management
Accounting is a science that recognizes, measures and reports on financial events occurring in the enterprise to help users make judgments and decisions. Financing is a science that assumes an adequate supply of the funds required by the enterprise, assists in its effective use and evaluates the operation within the framework of the information it receives from accounting. The accounting and finance unit is an indispensable part of the business. Experts with knowledge and skills in accounting and finance are integral elements of both public administration, businesses and financial institutions.
On the other hand, in recent years, some legal arrangements have been made in our country in parallel with the developments
 in accounting profession all over the world. One of the most important of these is the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102
 and the other one is the Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Board (KGK) established in 2011 with the
 Decree Law No. 660. This board's purpose is to create the Turkey Accounting Standards consistent with international
 standards and to publish the application unity of the audit, the necessary confidence and ensure quality, to set auditing
 standards, and to authorize independent auditors and audit organizations and to supervise their activities and make public
 oversight of the audit field. Aforesaid Assembly, the board noted that the financial statements, from the date of 01.01.2013 
with a communiqué concerning the organization of the public interest, has announced that they will hold Turkey Accounting 
Standards and according to the company these businesses must be audited by independent auditing. In addition,
 pursuant to the Council of Ministers Decree No: 2012/4213 on the Determination of Companies Subject to Independent
 Audit in the Official Gazette dated 23.01.2013 and no. 28537, certain scales of an enterprise are rendered to be audited
 with independent inspectors. Under these circumstances, Turkey Accounting Standards effective implementation of certain 
operational and independent auditing of the company size organizations with interests in the public interest but which may 
prove to be possible with well-trained people and adequate accounting scholars. On the other hand, the importance of accounting
 and finance will be greatly increased by the Basel regulation, which will bring a new dimension to banking practices. Due to all 
these developments and requirements, we can summarize the objectives of the Department of Accounting and Finance
Management, which was opened under the School of Applied Sciences, as following: 
1. To train experts who have sufficient professional qualifications and practical experience in accounting and finance subjects
 that will serve in public institutions and private sector enterprises,
2. To train and develop the manpower that will contribute to the economic and commercial life of our country's accounting 
and finance profession,
3. Besides an effective theoretical education in accounting and finance to its graduates, to teach Turkey Accounting 
Standards and Auditing Standards of Turkey to gain skills audit practice within the scope of this standard and provide
 hands-on training in this direction to help students develop the abilities, 
4. The aim of this school is to educate the managers who are able to follow the developments in their profession 
in a global scale and reflect the information they have in the society and the changing world. 

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